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10 Tips on Choosing Bathroom Tiles

10 Tips on Choosing Bathroom Tiles

When it comes to choosing tiles for your home it is always a personal decision.  In the last couple of years it was massively influenced by the social media and all these perfect instagram home renovation pictures. It is easy to "fall in love" with a specific tile or style, however, then, the second step comes when you really need to think if the tile you liked will work in your specific situation. There are many details when choosing a tile and not always the customer can consider everything at the moment of buying. Here are some tips & advices which you can follow so you are not left with something missing when start tiling the floor either by yourself or by your tiler. 

1.Once you picked your tile online it is always good to receive a profesional advise as not always what you thought will be suitable is really possible for your project. You can browse tiles and get inspired either on our website or Facebook and Instagram. We post daily and give shououts to the best customer projects. Once you have your top picks just give us a call 01633 875003 or message us [email protected] so we can give our competent opinion and advise you.  

It is also very important to get the correct adhesives, profiles, mattings and water-proofing systems to ensure the tiling lasts a life time.

2. For wet areas such as showers and wet rooms it is essential to tile onto an already water resistant background. Sand/cement render, dense concrete or water resistant tile backer board are ideal backgrounds. Plaster, plasterboard, timber and timber-based products such as MDF or plywood are absorbent and should be made waterproof by the use of a waterproofing or tanking system. Failure to do this is currently the most common cause of tiling failures in domestic bathrooms. 

3. Don't be afraid to be bold. If, as in most homes, your bathroom is small then nothing will make it look big. Make a statement; why not use the smallest room to express yourself. You could go for opulent luxury, off the wall trendy, something to make you smile or stark minimalism.
Search our magnificent range of tiles by your favorite colour

4.It wasn't so long ago that tiling to suspended wooden floors was impractical as well as inadvisable and as such this ruled out most bathrooms. With modern adhesive technology the vast majority of wooden floors can be tiled.
We supply the suitable adhesive from the following Brands:  Weber, UltaLarsen

5.The latest trend is for very large tiles and they are particularly suitable for large bathrooms or en-suites where you can carrythe tiling through into the bedroom. Large tiles are heavy so do check your walls are suitable.

6.Tiles can add value to your home so be prepared to spend time and money. For a luxury style with a modest price tag choose plain white wall tiles and add stunning eye-catching borders or mosaics. 

7. Make sure floor tiles are suitably slip resistant for bare feet in wet conditions.  Check the Anti Slip Bathroom Tiles.

8. Underfloor heating will add luxury at a surprisingly small cost. It adds little to the thickness of the floor tiling, thus it can be installed in most cases with the added benefit of freeing up valuable wall space.

9. If you are tiling yourself we advise to buy or hire the best equipment as it will save time and money. Before your start, visit the website and download 'Tile it Right', a free DIY tiling guide which includes tips on tile selection and calculating the number of tiles needed.

10. The best tip of all. Before you start; work out how long it will take you (about three times as long as a professional), how much per hour you earn and how much your house is worth then consider employing a professional. We employ professionals - ask our staff for details.

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