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The Inside Look

Customers who seek a seamless flow of product from inside to outside can in most cases combine the 20mm option with a matching 10mm tile to create such a look.

Easy To Rearrange

With the option to fit either on specially designed pedestals or dry laid on grass or gravel, our 20mm porcelain can be moved for special events, inspection of sub floors or even if you moved home you can take them with you! Because of the weight of each piece it isn't always necessary to glue the tile to a sub-floor with adhesive.

Durable & Very Low Maintenance

Patio slabs and traditional concrete paven look awful after a few bad winters! Our 20mm porcelain is stain, moss, algae and chemical resistant. It will never need to be sealed and it won't show signs of wear. Not only that, using a jet wash on them wont harm them in any way. 

Various Methods of Fixing

Dry on Gravel | Dry on Grass | Adhesive | Raised on Platforms

Use in Both Commercial & Residential Areas

Whether its a busy pub garden, outdoor restaurant or domestic garden our 20mm porcelain is perfect for projects of all scales. Because of the superior high strength they are also suitable for car showrooms, vehicle access points and pavements, hallways and public areas requiring a non-slip product.