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  1. The Cobblestone Outdoor Tile range is a stone effect porcelain manufactured by Ceramic Rondine under the factory name Aurelia Grigio with a design inspired by ancient Italian pathways and roads.The design of these unique tiles recall the classic Italian "sampietrino” paving pattern that can be often found on the street surfaces. This kind of pavement is made of small tiles, lined in various combinations depending on the given space. The Griege Arc Outdoor porcelain tiles are made to imitate the "sampietrino” in porphyry on a 60.5x60.5cm stoneware slab. The dimensions are adaptable and make paving easier in hard to access spots. With a thickness of 2cm, the cobbles are very durable and can be used in both pedestrian and vehicular traffic areas with confidence.Suitable for endless situations where floors require covering. They can transform the patio and garden of any property, as well as in large public premises, from outlets to seaside resorts, residential and commercial spaces for avenues, terraces, swimming pools edges and courtyards.

    These versatile tiles allow you to recreate the same textures of traditional city floors while still remaining practical and contemporary.The peacock tail design and the extraordinary realistic appearance on the matt surface of these cobblestone tiles make them an incredible asset at any outdoor area. They come in different shades, including bruno (brown) and griege (grey). You can also pick from the linear or arc option of the tiles, making up for a uniquely personalized choice that fits any design style.