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How To Choose Your Kitchen Tiles

How To Choose Your Kitchen Tiles
Here are some helpful tips for choosing kitchen tiles that suit your lifestyle, kitchen and budget!  Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is the one room where tiles flourish. Available in infinite shapes, colours, sizes and applications, choosing a tile for your kitchen is often a daunting experience.
If you are in the midst of fitting or designing a new modern kitchen, the chances are you have already spent a considerable amount of money on structural changes, kitchen cabinetry and appliances. So understandably, it can be very tempting to hold back the costs when selecting the kitchen tiles. But before you head down that route, consider the importance of tiles in the greater scheme of your living space. Here is our criteria to select the various tiles you might need and want in your kitchen:

Where Are The Tiles Going To Be Positioned?

Before you can even consider what tiles to buy, you need to decide which surfaces need to be tiled. Tiles are often used as blasts of character and colour when applied to the backsplash behind the stove or beneath the upper cabinets. Additionally, it is quite common to create a feature wall in your kitchen with unique, eye-catching tiles. It may seem obvious, but taking a moment to decide where your tiles will be applied, will spare plenty of drama later on.

Which Material To Choose? Porcelain, Ceramic, Glass...

When someone says the word ’tile’, most people immediately envision the ceramic or porcelain varieties. In fact the word ’tile’ can refer to all sorts of materials. As long as it can be set in rows or blocks on a flat surface, it’s a tile. In a modern kitchen and home, your options are vast – from stone, cork and linoleum to bamboo, glass and of course, ceramic and porcelain. How you apply will largely dictate which tile you can use. Glass, for example, is ill-suited as a floor tile, but great for backsplashes.
Most decent kitchen tiles are pretty resilient. But you should consider how you use your kitchen, and make tile choices accordingly. Ceramic tiles can handle the heat of hot pots and pans, while obviously linoleum can not. Vinyl floor tiles are less durable than porcelain, and we can all agree that you really require tiles that will stand the test of time? Ask yourself how you use your space, and the answers will become apparent. Based on the 30 years of expertise we have we highly recommend buying ceramic or porcelain tiles for your kitchen walls.

How Much Do Kitchen Tiles Cost?

Tiles are available in all price points. So knowing what your budget is should be a natural starting point. As we are trying to offer the best price-quality ratio to our customers, we have a huge range of kitchen tiles in the range of £12-20/sqm. Most of our Metro, Brick Effect, Marble Effect, Stone Effect and Pattern Kitchen Tiles fall into this price bracket. We also offer more premium wall tiles such as the Verona collection and Original Style Tiles. The more sophisticated, detailed and crafted tiles tend to be more expensive. In general, the splashback area is not a big space to be tiled and buying more expensive tiles will not significantly damage the budget. That is why, when you look at kitchen tiles it is more important to be in love with the tile as it will be a statement in your home. However, if you are doing your home renovation on a tight budget, we highly recommend considering one of the following options.

How To Choose The Right Tile Size?

A popular kitchen tile trend is using huge, oversized rectangular tiles. The reasons why is obvious. Larger tiles mean less joints and a heightened sense of sophistication. These tiles will need to be laid by a professional, as heavy tiles are difficult and often dangerous to move. When laying down the tile, also consider the orientation. To make a kitchen feel modern, break the grid and run the tiles vertically. For a more conservative look, opt for a standard grid pattern.
You can experiment a lot with the size and shape of the tile, especially with the new wave of Hexagon, Pickett and Alhambra Wall Tiles, but the still the classic go-to choice for many English households is the Metro Bevelled Kitchen Tile.
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