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  1. A tranquil blue colour evokes the ambience of the Mediterranean coast, with its classic harmonious beauty. The ultra-fashionable Metro Teal Ceramic Wall Tiles fill-up the indoors with vibrancy and brighten up each room as if it’s naturally lit up by sunlight. This charming style goes along perfectly with white décor and white grout lines that make the tiles’ colour really pop out. The ergonomic shape and bevelled edges complement these metro tiles, adding dimension and intricacy to the surface.

    This wall tile has a glazed finish, found in many current trends in home renovation. The high-gloss glamour adds the final touch to the design plan. The classic inspiration found in metro stations around the world gives way to these modern tiles. They combine this beloved style with an everyday practical purpose. Great for kitchens and especially the splashback area where they create a centrepiece. Also perfect for the bathroom and hallway, as they are so practical and easy to maintain.

    The 10x20cm dimensions of these Metro Teal Ceramic Wall Tiles are suitable for various arrangements – in a horizontal, vertical, or herringbone pattern. The high-quality ceramic material guarantees long-lasting strength and beauty. Can be used alone as well as partnered with our other colours. For best results, these should be tiled brick bond.