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  1. Create a statement in your bathroom or kitchen with these Carrara marble effect metro wall tiles. They are a creative option that is becoming more popular amongst those who want stylish tiles that can also fit seamlessly in any given wall space. These tiles allow for an easier application and adaptability to the room specifics. You can pick these white tiles and adjust them to fit thanks to the size of 100x300mm, making them also perfect for the splashback area. They are suitable for various styles of application- horizontal, vertical or herringbone - it’s your choice. Not only kitchens but also bathrooms can highly benefit from the installation of these tiles. Whether you want to achieve the contemporary feel that the small size metro tiles bring to the kitchen or you want a bright and minimalist bathroom design- the marble effect is the right choice. The metro or otherwise called subway tiles have bevelled edges that contribute to a cozier and softer look of the walls, as opposed to flat subway tiles. The white marble effect of these tiles is accentuated by the modern shape of bevelled edges.

    The Metro Carrara marble porcelain tiles emulate the gorgeous and rich veined effect of real Carrara Marble quarried in the city of Carrara, Italy. Ever since Ancient Times, the Carrara marble has been utilized in sculpture and décor and has retained its popularity thanks to its distinctive and always unique patterns. It’s the most commonly found type of marble in Italy and famous for the subtle gray veining and soft feather grains that cover its surface. This is the immaculately recreated style of veining you can see on these porcelain metro tiles which effortlessly blend together when installed professionally.

    The glossy marble look of these hard-wearing porcelain tiles can often be found in the bathrooms and kitchens of high-class hotels and restaurants around the world. You can bring this feeling to your home and achieve an interesting and especially impressive wall design. The classic and luxurious look of marble is combined with the affordable and practical porcelain material and more contemporary appearance of bevelled metro tiles to bring a unique vision to your home.