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  1. RAK Lounge Light Grey Polished Porcelain Tile 30x60cm

    The RAK Lounge Tiles by RAK Ceramics are a premium quality porcelain tiles. They are elegant, hardwearing and are truly an architect`s delight due to their colours, finishes and sizes. These large format, mineral looking tiles, have a contemporary chic appearance and are the perfect neutral base for any interior design project. The neutral finish can work well with a wide range of interiors and colour schemes while creating a luxurious feel. The RAK Lounge tiles are versatile and suits both residential and commercial needs. 


    - available in four colours: light grey, grey, anthracite, black

    - available in two finishes: polished and unpolished. 

    - available in two sizes: 300x600mm (commonly used for walls) and 600x600mm (mainly used for floors). Also, the large format means fewer tiles, less grout and rapid work.

    - suitable for indoors and outdoors. The unpolished finish is ideal for outdoor use due to its slip rating of R9.