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  1. Create unique and playful surfaces everywhere in the house with these Swing Blue pattern tiles. The fresh characteristics of these tiles make them perfect for an inspired modern interior project with a focus on geometric design. The light shades of blue, grey, and beige transform even the simplest furniture, while the circle pattern attracts the attention of your guests. Stage the room’s decor around a feature wall or floor, created with these bold geometric tiles. The kitchen is the perfect place to be daring and experiment with shapes and colours, and Swing allows you to do that in a simple and fun way, thanks to its endless possible combinations. Make the coolest splashback area that opens up the room and enhances minimalistic and industrial settings. These tiles are great for basic wooden countertops, as well as more intricate marble or granite ones.

    The Rondine Swing Blue 02 Pattern Tiles are made of hard-wearing porcelain, in a 203x203mm size. The optical art style is a supreme choice for every corner of the house, no matter if you place these tiles on walls or floors. These foursquare tiles have a smooth matt surface that covers a sturdy 9mm thick body, guaranteeing durable and long-lasting surfaces of your house or apartment premises.