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  • Rubi TX-1250 MAX Manual Tile Cutter

    Cutting length -
     125 cm
  • Diagonal cutting length - 85x85 cm
  • Cutting height - 3-21 mm
  • Separator power - 1200 kg
  • With carrying case - 
  • Weight with carrying case - 26 kg
The range of RUBI TX-MAX professional manual cutters are perfect for INTENSIVE cutting of all types of ceramic and porcelain tiles. Thanks to its high performance MULTIPOINT breaker and its rotating square system, TX-MAX models allow easy and quick execution of angular cuts (from 0º to 45º), especially in porcelain tiles.

This very robust porcelain and ceramic tile cutter has two 30 mm tubular steel and extra long aluminium slides and self lubricating friction bushes.

The advanced position of the rivet increases visibility for the operator during cutting, and the gripper incorporates a  a removable protector, which allows work to be carried out on the most delicate surfaces without the risk of leaving marks.

The separator mechanism allows use with one hand, allowing the locking and unlocking of the gripper by means of a ratchet and trigger system. This system increases performance when cutting all thicknesses of tiles.

As a complement to the floating table system, the 1250 model is equipped with four additional side arms (two on each side), to increase the support surface with large-format tiles. 

All models of the TX-MAX range include a lateral stop for repetitive and narrow cuts, as well as two scoring wheels ( 8 mm and 22 mm EXTREME ). All TX-MAX manual cutters are compatible with the full range of RUBI PLUS scoring wheels.

The TX-1250 MAX also includes a carrying case with wheels to help to move around the workplace.

* Some porcelain and ceramic materials, with thicknesses greater than 15 mm can be difficult to cut with manual cutters - it is advisable to make some sample cuts to determine the compatibility of the product.

Product highlights
- Breaker’s lock and unlocking system by trigger increases performance for all thicknesses of ceramic and porcelain tiles.
- 1200kg power breaker for cutting the hardest materials.
- High separation power (1,200 kg) and can be operated with one hand.

For intensive cutting of all types of ceramic, porcelain and extruded tiles.

- Tubular steel guides of 30 mm x 2 mm in wall thickness.
- Head with aluminium slides, extra-long, with "self-lubricated" friction bushes.
- Mobile separator with aluminium clamp and plastic protector to AVOID marking on the most DELICATE surfaces.
- The locking of the gripper, by ratchet mechanism, and unlocking, by trigger, allows scratching and separating with one hand,giving the operator greater SPEED of use and increased PERFORMANCE for both thin and thick materials.
- Better operator VISIBILITY when cutting.
- Aluminum injection base, reinforced by central rib, for greater ROBUSTNESS.
- Galvanized steel floating tables, increases the STABILITY when cutting..
- Revolving square, central pivot gor greater PRECISION on angular cuts.
- Lateral stop for repetitive and narrow cuts.
- Equipped with 4 supplementary arms, for large format tiles. 
- Handle with soft grip grip for greater operator COMFORT.
- Equipped with 8 mm and 22 mm EXTREME scoring wheels. Compatible with the full range of PLUS scoring wheels.
- Includes carry case.

2+3 years warranty